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Maggiorino Guida Textile Broker
Tessuti & Ricami dal 1958
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The  GUIDA Textile Agencies studio was founded in 1958 by mr.Nicola Guida when he left his main partner and , day by day , year after year , he  got agencies of several Italian Firms , mostly from Como and Prato.

Among  his customers there were many fabrics retailers located all over the  region Campania and an increasing number of fabrics wholesalers , most  of them located in the ancient area of the Mercato ( Market ) in Naples.

Between  the Sixties and the Eighties , the business fairly increased and the  office of the company moved to its present location of via del Grande  Archivio,2 almost front of the Selleria fountain and very next to the  world famous Duomo ( Cathedral ) of Naples , always in the area of the  Mercato.


During those glory years , mid-Eighties ,  the textile business changed a lot : fabrics retailers started to close  , one after the other , while fabrics wholesalers moved to the rising  CIS Nola and in San Giuseppe Vesuviano many many more started their  business.

Last but not least , many manufacturers were born all over the country and , of course , in our region Campania as well.

Then  , on September 4th 1987 , mr.Nicola Guida , who fell ill the previous  year , died and his son Maggiorino , who was studying at the Naples  University in Electronic Engineering , and graduated in 1990 , took over  the company.

Business went on changing very fast and the company  became more and more "international" as many foreign Firms started to  be represented by dr.Maggiorino.

As a consequence of that , the  Guida company started to work on wider and wider areas of the Country  and trips to different regions of the South of Italy became  more and  more frequent.

Later in the '90s our business became more  "manufacturers' oriented" ( mainly cocktailwear and bridalwear ) as our  range of products became more and more fascinating and accurate.

Then  , the next step became to have several very selected manufacturers ,  both for garments and for accessories or jobworks only , in the Eastern  Countries.

Tessuti e Ricami da tutto il Mondo dal 1958
Ufficio&Showroom (previo appuntamento)
via del Grande Archivio,2 - 80138 NAPOLI - ITALY
Tessuti & Ricami dal 1958
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